BoBo brand of fishballs and fishcakes is well known for its freshness, quality and the consumer trust it has developed over the years.

Only the highest grade of Xi Dao Fish and Yellow Tail Fish are used in the products.

Placing great emphasis on consumers’ changing taste, BoBo has launched an even more healthier range of fishballs and fishcakes under the Sakura brand. Using advance Japanese lactobacillus technology and manufacturing processes, BoBo made it possible to make low salt, no MSG (monosodium glutamate) yet great tasting fishballs and fishcakes.

Recently, BoBo has also extended its product line into chicken sausages and chicken hams to cater to different taste preferences of consumers.



The BoBo Logotype is an ambassador that fronts the brand. Every element has been carefully and specifically chosen to exude the brand personality and essence.

The BoBo brand expression is a graphic representation of a speech bubble. The logo is a freestyle rendition of communication. The layout corresponds to the brand’s simple and affable disposition while the logo’s bright colors expemplify the brand’s dynamic character.

BoBo’s brand tagline, "Everyday’s a Celebration" represents the joy we bring to our customers who like to indulge in the merry things of life. We believe in celebrating great moments with tantalising food products that add fun and enjoyment to every occassion, everyday. With top-grade products and good taste, "Everday’s a Celebration with BoBo!".



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