Over 30 Years of #BoBoMoment & Delicious Memories!

Founded in 1987 and established in 1993, Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd was brought to life in sunny Singapore by Mrs Ang’s unwavering belief: A family’s prosperity lies in the happiness and relationships of every single member.

Through our “BoBo” brand, Ha Li Fa has established a firm foothold in both local and international markets from humble beginnings. With our in-house established logistics network, manufacturing facilities and production processes of the highest standards, we constantly deliver delicious and premium quality products that cater to the changing customer tastes and demands.

BoBo strives to make every meal a celebration with tasty treats suitable for all occasions. BoBo will always be there for your every family dinner, Chinese New Year Reunion, and everything in-between. We promise to turn every #BoBoMoment into delicious memories!

Everyday's a Celebration

We celebrate not just the important and significant events, but also the little things in life that bring joy and happiness. From a loving family meal to a vibrant gathering with friends and colleagues, we create our products with love and seek to spread the simple joys found in life to our customers & the world!

Digitally Evolving

Keeping up with our customers is at the core of Ha Li Fa’s growth and we believe in constantly interacting with our customers to understand their needs better.

From social media contest giveaways to the production of our very own BoBo mini-series on Facebook, we are always thinking of new ways to bridge the gap between us and the customers even closer. Every individual interaction with the customers provides us with a learning opportunity to understand them (and you!) better to improve our services and products. We want our customers to experience the spirit of BoBo & Ha Li Fa in every bite: Celebration and Joy!

With BoBo, Everyday’s a Celebration!